CJRC Adjunct Associate Professor John Mickel in the Media

Party Games - John Mickel + Graham Young

CJRC Adjunct Associate Professor and Former Queensland Parliament Speaker, John Mickel, spoke to ABC Radio today about current issues in State politics.

He also briefly touches on his involvement with the Graduate Certificate in Policy and Governance offered through the School of Justice at QUT.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

QUT Leading the Way in Better Public Policy Development.


By Associate Professor John Mickel, School of Justice, QUT

Wayne Delaforce, a PHD student from QUT, has developed a public policy model which has the potential to lead to better development of public policy. The model has been explained and applied to State parliament, business and education in a series of forums across the State.

In May this year, the model was the subject of discussion at the Queensland Parliament attended by the secretarial staff and some members with QUT Academics, Associate Professor John Mickel, Professor Kerry Carrington, Professor Mark Lauchs and Wayne Delaforce.

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