Publication: Queer(y)ing the Teaching of Writing

QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Lisa van Leent (pictured), has published a paper with QUT preservice teacher, Jordan Pickering to assist teachers to engage in queer(ing) pedagogies.  Gender expansive pronouns belong in English language classrooms.  This is the argument that Lisa and undergraduate co-author, Jordan, make in this paper.  They explore what the teaching of gender expansive pronouns look like in a Year 1 English curriculum context and provide real-world support for teachers.


Read the article here:

Pickering, J. and van Leent, L. (2024). Teaching English and the Grammatical Use of the Pronoun: Queer(y)ing the Teaching of Writing. The Reading Teacher

Associate Professor Lisa van Leent is an academic in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership (STEL) within the Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice at QUT. Their research interests concern social justice in education with a focus on teachers’ pedagogical practices, genders and sexualities, teacher attraction and retention, the purpose of schooling. Dr Lisa van Leent has extensive experience as a primary classroom teacher. They completed their doctoral study, titled “Primary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Pedagogical Responses to Concepts of Diverse Sexualities” at Queensland University of Technology. Lisa’s future research interests involve developing socially just pedagogical practices with teachers regarding diverse genders and sexualities.

Lisa is also a member of QUT Centre for Justice Queer Research Group.

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