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Media: High pornography exposure among young Australians helps fuel violence against women

QUT Centre for Justice members, Professor Michael Flood and PhD students Maree Crabbe and Kelsey Adams have drawn on a nationally representative survey of 1,985 Australians aged 15 to 20 on their exposure to and use of pornography.

They have published their findings in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health.   

“Pornography use is associated with both violence perpetration and victimisation. Given that young men aged 15-19 years are the group most likely to perpetrate sexual violence, and young women of that age group are most likely to be victims of it, violence prevention should include efforts to reduce pornography’s potential harms,” Professor Flood said.

The survey was conducted by Our Watch, a national leader in Australia’s work to stop violence against women and their children before it starts.  Our Watch CEO Patty Kinnersly said that the research was clear that young people needed more support.  “Young people need guidance, honest conversations and information about sex, sexual relationships and pornography to develop equal, positive and healthy relationships.” Ms Kinnersley said.

Read the full article here.

Professor Michael Flood’s research focuses on gender, sexuality, and interpersonal violence. Dr Flood’s research at present is focused in particular on interpersonal violence and its prevention, particularly with reference to men and masculinities. Dr Flood has published widely on topics including violence against women and violence prevention, men and masculinities, profeminist men’s advocacy, male heterosexuality, fathering, and pornography. He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing violence against women and building gender equality.

Maree Crabbe is a PhD candidate in the School of Justice. Her thesis focuses on young people’s experiences of pornography and school-based pornography education. She is also Director of the Australian violence prevention initiative, It’s time we talked. She is an educator, author, researcher and filmmaker who is passionate about gender-based violence prevention, and about supporting parents, schools, communities and government to address pornography’s influence on young people.

Kelsey Adams is a PhD candidate and sessional academic at the School of Justice at QUT. She is an interdisciplinary scholar in psychology and criminology. Her PhD project explored survivors’ experiences in the wake of sexual violence; in particular, this research focused on rape acknowledgment, the process of meaning-making and labelling personal experiences of assault. Kelsey has recently submitted her thesis, and she spoke to her PhD findings at TEDxQUT 2023.

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