Publications and Awards: Professor Matthew Ball

QUT Centre for Justice member, Professor Matthew Ball, along with a team of co-authors, was awarded the American Society of Criminology Division on Queer Criminology Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award. This was awarded at the ASC conference recently held in Philadelphia in November 2023.

The article was titled, “Building an Intersectional and Trans-Inclusive Criminology: Responding to the Emergence of “Gender Critical” Perspectives in Feminist Criminology” and was written by Jace Valcore,  Henry F. Fradella, Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz, Matthew J. Ball, Angela Dwyer, Christina DeJong, Allyn Walker, Aimee WoddaMeredith G. F. Worthen.  The article was published in Critical Criminology in September 2021.


This article responds to claims advanced by “gender critical” feminists, most recently expressed in a criminological context by Burt (2020) in Feminist Criminology, that the Equality Act—a bill pending in the United States Congress—would place cisgender women at risk of male violence in sex-segregated spaces. We provide legal history, empirical research, and conceptual and theoretical arguments to highlight three broad errors made by Burt and other trans-exclusionary feminists. These include: (1) a misinterpretation of the Equality Act; (2) a narrow version of feminism that embraces a socially and biologically deterministic view of sex and gender; and (3) ignorance and dismissal of established criminological knowledge regarding victimization, offending patterns, and effective measures to enhance safety. The implications of “gender critical” arguments for criminology, and the publication of such, are also discussed.

Read the full article here 

Matthew also recently had an edited volume published titled, LGBTQ+ Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice (edited with Henry Fradella). The link is here: LGBTQ+ Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice – 1st Edition – Matt (


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