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QUT Centre for Justice – QUT Pride Month

QUT Centre for Justice is proud to support the Brisbane Pride Festival and QUT Pride Month. 

Queer Research Group

In particular, QUT Centre for Justic e is proud to support its Queer Research Group which is a multi-disciplinary team, drawn from all over the university, researching a range of issues experienced by people of diverse sexualities, genders, and sex characteristics.

The Queer Research Group includes Professor Matthew Ball (pictured) whose research focuses on the intersections between sexuality, gender, and criminal justice.  Read more about Matthew’s work  here.

In particular, this group focuses on:

  • Creating safe and inclusive educational spaces
  • Enhancing queer representation in criminology and criminal justice policy
  • Addressing victimisation and enhancing safety on gay dating-apps
  • Responding to technology-facilitated abuse and violence
  • Exploring the queer potential of digital environments
  • The politics of regulating sexual media
  • Increasing access and participation to work-integrated learning (WIL) for students who identify with diverse genders and sexualities.

Read more about this group here.

QUT Centre for Justice Seminar Series

During Pride Month QUT Centre for Justice will welcome Dr Emma Russell from LaTrobe University to present a seminar titled, “From prison to police abolition:  Challenging queer criminology’s investments in the police”.  Emma researches  carceral power and inequalities at various sites: policing, courts, prisons, and border detention. Emma is the author of Queer Histories and the Politics of Policing (2020) and co-author of Resisting Carceral Violence: Women’s Imprisonment and the Politics of Abolition (2018) with Bree Carlton. Her current book project, with Poppy de Souza, is called Sensing the Carceral State.

Read more about Emma’s research here.

If you are interested to attend this seminar please contact qutc4j@qut.edu.au


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