QUT Centre for Justice HDR Winter School

QUT Centre for Justice ran its annual HDR Winter School from 17-19 July 2023.

The program attracted 35 HDR students from across QUT and other Australian and international universities.  The program included a keynote presentation from international Visiting Fellow A/Professor Kathleen Sitter from University of Calgary. A/Prof Sitter spoke about Visual Storytelling and the Multisensorial Studio that she leads, describing how she focuses on creating blended sensory and arts-based methods in research design and knowledge translation. Participants also heard about the research methodologies of Co-design, Critical Discourse Analysis, Oral Histories and the use of apps to gather momentary assessments. They were also shown a demonstration of a number of qualitative data analysis programs.  We heard from academics who harness Industry Engagement to build research opportunities, tips on presenting your research in Briefing Paper format and an entertaining panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities when moving from industry to academia.  Our diverse presenters came from the faculties of Business and Law, CIESJ, Engineering and Health, and from other universities and organisations. The program attracted interest from a number of our industry and government partners who stayed on to network with students during breaks.

QUT Design Lab ran two interactive workshops to demonstrate the use of creative methods such as poetry and boardgames as an alternate way for participants to present, disseminate and expand their own research.

QUT C4J HDR Winter School was a multi-disciplinary, cross-university and industry collaboration aimed at encouraging participants to think broadly and ambitiously about their research.

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