Panel Discussion: Talking to boys and young men about Andrew Tate and the manosphere

QUT Centre for Justice and School of Justice Seminar Series invites you to a panel discussion

“Talking to boys and young men about Andrew Tate and the manosphere”

Tuesday 20 June 2023

2.00pm – 3.00pm (afternoon tea to follow for in-person audience)

Live from QUT Kelvin Grove campus, or via Zoom


There are signs of growing influence among boys and young men of the views promoted by Andrew Tate and other anti-feminist social influencers. They are part of the ‘manosphere’, an online network of anti-women and anti-feminist websites and groups. Andrew Tates’ and others’ teachings may intensify sexist and misogynist views among boys and young men, strengthen the rigid norms of masculinity that limit boys’ and men’s own lives, and feed into harmful behaviours including harassment and abuse.

How can teachers, parents, and others talk to boys and young men about these issues? How can we lessen the harmful influence of sexist social influences and toxic online cultures? How can we foster healthy, equitable ways of living among boys and young men?

This discussion will feature five multi-disciplinary speakers: 

Dr Naomi Barnes (School of Teacher Education and Leadership) will explore issues of freedom of speech on social media, considering implications for young people’s understandings about what people can and can’t, should and shouldn’t, say online, and whether it’s ok to repeat those words and phrases at school.

Professor Marilyn Campbell (School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education) is a registered teacher and a registered psychologist. Her main clinical and research interests are the prevention and intervention of anxiety disorders in young people and the effects of bullying, especially cyberbullying in schools. She will talk about boys and bullying.

Alice Elwell is a high school English teacher and PhD candidate. She will discuss how teachers can address gender and misogyny in the classroom, and explore some of the barriers teachers face when trying to address these issues.

Professor Michael Flood (School of Justice) will examine effective strategies for challenging misogynist ideas and promoting healthy masculinities in schools and elsewhere.

Dr Lisa van Leent (School of Teacher Education and Leadership) will explore Andrew Tate’s views considering the implications for young people’s understandings about diverse genders and sexualities and for those who identify outside of binary gender and sexuality norms.

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