Research and Impact: Professor Michael Flood

QUT Centre for Justice member, Professor Michael Flood, has appeared in the media this past week on a number of different topics.

Professor Flood provides commentary on an article authored by Jan Caro titled, “We are among the best-educated in the world.  Why are workplaces failing us? “ (The Age, 05/03/23) and “A win for all” (Sunday Age, 05/03/23; The Sun Herald, 05/03/23) on how an equal society is a gain for everyone – both men and women.  Caro discusses, as we approach International Women’s Day, that Australian women are still not as free to succeed or fail on their own merits in the same way as their male peers.

“According to the “Breaking the Norm” report from Deloitte Access Economics, our progress on gender equity has stalled. Women are still earning only 86 cents for every dollar earned by a man, still do more of the domestic load and hold down just 6 per cent of the CEO positions on ASX 200 companies.”

Professor Flood comments on a Victorian Health Promotion Foundation survey that reveals “while younger males (aged 16-17) may have more progressive ideas about traditional gender roles and their negative effect on men’s health, they have more rigid beliefs when it comes to violence and the right of men to dominate and control relationships.”

“Given that an average of one woman is killed by an intimate partner in Australia each week, this is terrifying.”

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In other news, Professor Flood provided comment on an article in The Guardian titled MPs urge crackdown on pornography to tackle violence against womenabout an all-party group that says there is extensive evidence that consuming pornography fuels sexual violence.

Professor Flood asserts

 “there is a wealth of evidence that pornography exposure is shaping young people’s and adult’s sexual lives, in harmful and violent ways.”

Professor Flood’s research focuses on gender, sexuality and interpersonal violence.  He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing violence against women and building gender equality.

Professor Flood has an extensive record of community and professional engagement. He has contributed to social change campaigns, worked with sporting and military organizations, participated in international expert meetings, and shaped national prevention frameworks.

Read more about Professor Flood’s research here.

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