Seminar: Australian Youth Safety Survey – Australia and NZ

QUT Centre for Justice was delighted to welcome Dr Susann Wiedlitzka from University of Auckland to co-present a seminar with QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Angela Higginson.

The Australian Youth Safety Survey (AYSS) is an online survey of young people aged 14 to 25, focusing on their experiences of identity, diversity, and safety. It provides the first Australian data on youth hate crime victimization and perpetration, soon to be in its third wave. Over the last year and a half, we have been working on replicating the AYSS in the New Zealand context, as Aotearoa lacks rigorous and systematic hate crime and hate speech recording practices. In this seminar, we discuss the process of translating an Australian-based survey into the Aotearoa context, address some of the flaws within existing survey data in Aotearoa, and focus on Māori Data Sovereignty concerns and our consultation process.

Angela will present some of the background to the AYSS/NZYSS collaboration, with a focus on the diversity of the young people who responded to the first 2 waves in Australia.  This background will demonstrate the cultural sensitivities in the translation process.

Susann is currently working on the New Zealand Youth Safety Survey, a project that aims to determine the incidence of youth hate crime victimization and perpetration in Aotearoa. Susann is also exploring online platforms and far-right extremist responses to ‘in real life (IRL)’ attacks, and has just finished working on a systematic review synthesizing the available evidence on the effectiveness of online interventions aimed at reducing online hate speech.

Angela is an ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) fellow for 2018-2022, and her DECRA project examines the correlates and consequences of ethnically-motivated youth hate crime in Australia. Much of Angela’s work has focused on policing and community processes for crime control, with a particular interest in evaluation through systematic reviews and meta-analysis.

Read the 2020 Australian Youth Safety Survey : Technical Report here.

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