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Publication: “Political investorism in Australia: unnatural insiders and the insider/outsider dynamics of market lobbying”

QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Erin O’Brien (pictured right) has published new research with Ainsley Elbra from Sydney University, Martijn Boersma from Notre Dame University and QUT HDR student, Justine Coneybeer (pictured left).

The paper was published in the Australian Journal of Political Science, the top-ranking political science journal in Australia and is titled, “Political investorism in Australia: unnatural insiders and the insider/outsider dynamics of market lobbying.”

In the paper the authors analyse shareholder activism, boycotts of banks and insurers, and other forms of political investorism in Australia, arguing that activist tactics are shaped by our corporate governance rules and the market power of superannuation funds. The authors identify a new category of ‘unnatural insider’, which is a traditional outsider who acquires or purchases insider status for political purposes.

Read the full article link here:

Erin O’Brien is an Associate Professor and ARC DECRA Fellow in the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology. Her research examines political activism, advocacy, and participation with a focus on political consumerism.  Dr O’Brien’s current research examines the political mobilisation of consumers, shareholders and investors on a range of social justice issues including modern slavery and environmental degradation.

Erin’s Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship (2021-2024) titled ‘Australian civil society combating modern slavery with ethical consumerism’ examines the shift in the framing of responsibility between the state, civil society, and corporate actors, and the norm adoption of ethical consumerism as a solution to complex multi-jurisdictional issues.

Justine Coneybeer is a PhD Candidate at the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Australia. Her doctoral research project examines the fashion industry’s response to the introduction of Australia’s Modern Slavery Act, with a particular focus on the framing and drivers of responsibility.

Justine is also a researcher on projects examining the political dimensions of shareholder activism, and the prevention of labour exploitation in the cotton value chain.

Erin and Justine are members of QUT Modern Slavery Research Group.

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