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Research Impact: Dr Gina Masterton

QUT Centre for Justice and Carumba Institute Australian Indigenous Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Dr Gina Masterton, has appeared in the media for her research associated with Domestic and Family Violence.

Gina was the lead author on a research paper published by the QUT Centre for Justice in May on how The Hague Convention, which Australia signed six years after it came into effect in 1980, has been increasingly deployed by domestic violence perpetrators.  Gina completed her PhD on this topic in 2022.  She was asked to comment on an article titled, “Indigenous mother fights to have child returned to Australia” which was in The Australian on 29 December 2022.  Read the full article here.

On 23 December 2022 Gina was involved in a panel on ABC Radio National discussing the increase in Australian women killed in domestic and family violence situations in 2022.  Listen to the full discussion here.  




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