Publication: Normalization of the Global Far Right: Pandemic Disruption?

























QUT School of Justice Adjunct Professor Scott Poynting, has published  a book titled,  “The Normalisation of the Global Far Right – Pandemic Disruption?”

“Exploring how the boundary between the extremist far right and centre-right parties and politics became blurred, Normalization of the Global Far Right deconstructs one of the most pressing issues of today: the rise of the far right.”

Scott Poynting is Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation at Charles Sturt University His areas of interest include Islamophobia, the criminalisation of ethnic minorities and the racialisation of crime, state terrorism, hate crime, and racialised moral panic.

He has worked since the mid-1990s on the criminalisation of Arab immigrants in Australia, and since 2001 has turned his attention to anti-Muslim racism and especially hate crime, and to state terrorism in the context of the ‘war on terror’.

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