ARC Linkage Grant Success – Associate Professor Anna Huggins

QUT Centre for Justice member, Associate Professor Anna Huggins along with research team Associate Professor Mark Burdon (QUT), Professor Lizzie Coles-Kemp (RHUL) and Mrs Siobhaine Slevin (Realta Logic) have been awarded an ARC Linkage Grant to research “Optimising Digital Compliance Processes in the Financial Services Sector”.

This project aims to develop a new approach to optimise digital compliance processes in Australian financial services firms. Effective digital compliance is needed to reduce growing regulatory burden and improve compliance with increasingly complex laws. This project expects to deliver new ways to optimise digital compliance that drive innovation and reduce the societal risks of non-compliance for end-users. Expected outcomes include industry guidance strategies and innovative digital tools that capture the complexity of digital compliance and inform practical solutions. This will provide significant cost reduction benefits for firms and ensure that new digital compliance processes promote the public interest goals of law and regulation.


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