HDR students

QUT C4J HDR Month: Vicarious Trauma Training

QUT C4J is hosting HDR Month during July.  During the month we are running a number of training and development courses to assist and support our students in their research.

Last week we ran Vicarious Trauma Training, facilitated by Domestic Violence Supervision and Research Group.  The training was targeted toward students researching in the areas of domestic and sexual violence.   Students learnt about how vicarious trauma can impact writing and research processes, and provided strategies and processes to lessen these impacts.

Some of the feedback we received was:

“The workshop fostered a setting of understanding and empathy which allowed me to discuss and share feelings which can only truly be understood by academics who have also conducted potentially trauma-inducing research. “

“I enjoyed the content and supportive environment. Understanding what vicarious trauma is in the level of detail Deb and Delanie went into was really helpful and will continue to be helpful as I continue on in my research.”

We will be following up this training with Vicarious Trauma for Supervisors and we encourage anyone supervising students working in the areas of domestic and sexual violence to attend.

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