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The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture and Society

New volume on male sex work the most comprehensive coverage of the subject to date

Today marks the worldwide release of the new edited volume by John Scott (QUT), Christian Grov (CUNY) and Victor Minichiello (QUT) which comprises 38 chapters by a diverse range of leading international experts and practitioners on the elusive subject of male sex work. The Routledge Handbook of Male Sex Work, Culture and Society moves beyond common tropes which present male sex workers and their clients as pathological or perverse. Drawing from a variety of regions, the chapters provide insights into the historical, popular cultural, social, and economic aspects of sex work, as well as demographic patterns, health outcomes, and policy issues. The collection includes chapters on male sex work in documentary film, graphic novels, fashion discourse, world literature and in diverse historical and cultural settings. Importantly, it provides a vehicle for the voices of male sex workers and new and established scholars. This richly detailed, humane, and innovative collection retrieves male sex work from silence and invisibility on the one hand and its association with scandal and stigma on the other. With its advocacy od decriminalisation, the findings within have profound implications for how governments approach public health and regulation of the sex industry and for how society can make sense of the complexities of human sexualities.

Listen to the authors discuss the book and male sex work more generally with sex work researcher Rachel Stewart on the New Books Network.


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