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Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz wins domestic violence prevention award

Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz won a 2018 Domestic Violence Prevention Leadership Award from the Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast for Furthering the Work – adding new information and knowledge.

The award was in recognition of Dragiewicz’s leadership in QUT’s Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence, which has provided evidence-based domestic violence education to more than 200 students in the first three years of operation. Students in the graduate certificate come from all areas of practice, from policing to law, child safety, counselling and domestic violence specialist services. Academics teaching into the Graduate Certificate include Dr Jodi Death, Dr Claire Ferguson, Dr Claire Moran and Kara Beavis.

Rosemary O’Malley, CEO, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. commented:

“Every year DVPC acknowledges outstanding work by individuals and organisations who have gone the extra mile to improve responses and services to women, children, and young people experiencing domestic violence, and who have added to the body of knowledge for doing all of this work better.

So I’d like to start by acknowledging the work of Dr Molly Dragiewicz

In the category of Furthering the Work – adding new information and knowledge category, we value your work Molly.

We want to acknowledge your persistence and innovation in putting together and delivering the Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence at Queensland University of Technology. This specialist course is designed for frontline workers, policy developers and any professionals who come into contact with domestic violence victims or perpetrators. More recently Molly has co-authored another book entitled Abusive Endings: Separation and Divorce Violence against Women, and currently she is undertaking new research on technology-facilitated abuse which DVPC will partner in.

Molly today we celebrate the work you have done, and continue to do, to increase the knowledge and skills of such a diverse range of frontline workers on how to respond to DV, and in your new book you dive deep into getting people to think about that perennial question of “why don’t women just leave” abusive relationships. Thank you for your continued massive contributions to the work.”


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