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Upcoming Seminar – “Policing the Digital Age: Surveillance, Government Hacking and Rule-of-Law Online”

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The Crime and Justice Research Centre and the Intellectual Property and Innovation Law Research Group from QUT’s Faculty of Law are co-hosting an upcoming seminar with guests speakers Dr Ian Warren and Dr Adam Molnar from Deakin University. This seminar will examine the intersections between policing, technology, surveillance, and the role of the criminal law in a digital age, highlighting issues of governance, social order and rule-of-law online.

  • Date: Monday 7th November
  • Time: 2-4pm
  • Location:  U214, Level 2 U Block, QUT Gardens Point Campus, 2 George St Brisbane, QLD 4000
  • Register here


“‘Police’, Order and Critical Criminology in the Digital Age”

by Dr Ian Warren

This presentation explores the Foucauldian notion of ‘police’ and its relationship to Nadelmann’s (1993) idea of the Americanisation of global policing, by examining the intersections between technology, surveillance, borders and the role of the criminal law in a digital age. This will be done exploring constructions of ‘order’ in a series of historical and contemporary cases where electronic analogue and digital technologies enable communications to transcend geographic space, and produce very peculiar applications of law. These developments hint at several police (as opposed to policing) functions that display analogies with contemporary forms of ubiquitous physical surveillance that transcend public and private legal and jurisdictional divides. They also reveal many underlying complexities with how ideals of order are produced, or magnified, by the processes of criminalisation, particularly in the field of intellectual property law, and through the laws of conspiracy. The conclusion examines how real world conceptions of ‘police’ can help demystify the complexities and pluralities of law in an increasingly borderless digital age, and the broader role of critical criminology in an era of ubiquitous surveillance.

Ian Warren is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Deakin University and co-author (with Darren Palmer) of Global Criminology (Thomson Reuters/Law Book Company, Sydney, 2015).

“Government Hacking and Rule-with-Law in Australia and Canada”

by Dr Adam Molnar

Computer Network Operations (CNOs), sometimes called ‘government hacking’, refers to government intrusion and/or interference with information communication infrastructures for the purposes of law enforcement and security intelligence. This presentation argues that while the domestic application of CNOs may be ‘lawful’ in Australia and Canada, their use is subject to a range of ‘counter-law’ developments that undermine rule-of-law and poses risks to the administration of criminal justice, privacy, and other democratic freedoms.

Adam Molnar is currently Lecturer in the Department of Criminology at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. He has a PhD from the University of Victoria (Canada) and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Surveillance Studies Centre at Queen’s University. His research focuses on policing and national security as they relate to practices of surveillance, technology, law, and associated issues of privacy and social control.

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