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In the News: Professor John Scott & Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello Discussing Male Sex Work

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Professor John Scott and CJRC Adjunct Professor Victor Minichiello have recently been featured in an article on The Age website discussing male sex workers. The article “Male sex workers call for respect, understanding” details the extensive discrimination and stigma that male sex workers are continuously subject to as a result of various myths and stereotypes about such work, along with strict legislative regulations. In an attempt to challenge these widespread myths about male sex work, support sex workers and provide well-researched evidence to the wider public, Professor Scott and Professor Minichiello have launched a website dedicated to this field. The website is a world-first collaboration between Australian researchers and advocates, with extensive input from the international male sex work community.

The site includes information spanning health, technology, the law and marketing as well as new research findings and first-person accounts from sex workers and others involved with the sex work industry. It also has reliable, evidence-based information and would tap into the growing independence and professionalism of the male escort industry.

Professor Scott said the site also aimed to de-stigmatise male sex work and advocate for the workers. “Male sex workers face a double stigma because same sex relationships are stigmatised and sex work is stigmatised.”

He said the recent growth of online platforms meant sex workers were less likely to work from brothels or on the streets instead setting themselves up as independent operators. Benefits of this included creating a safer environment, reducing the likelihood of criminals getting involved in the industry and making male sex work more visible and accepted.

To read the full article, click here. 

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