Recently published: Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Partner Violence

Associate Professor Molly Dragiewicz recently published  Interventions, Policies, and Future Research Directions in Partner Violence in The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence.

There have been sweeping changes in policy and practice on violence against intimate partners since the 1960s. New laws, policies, programs, and research funding have all shaped the extant literature on this topic as well as the contours of violence itself. As the other chapters in this collection show, violence against intimate partners is pervasive in the United States. This violence comprises emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, including lethal and sublethal attacks against current and former partners and their friends, family members, acquaintances, and bystanders.

The research literature has expanded rapidly since the 1980s, and every conceivable aspect of violence has been investigated. A substantial portion of the contemporary research literature is devoted to the policies and interventions that affect intimate partner violence. This chapter reviews key policy changes that have shaped interventions in violence against intimate partners. Second, it maps major areas of research on policy and
intervention in violence and abuse. Finally, it proposes directions for future research.

Dragiewicz teaches about domestic violence in QUT’s interdisciplinary undergraduate elective unit JSB286 and Graduate Certificate in Domestic Violence JS12.

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