Adjunct Professors Program

Recently published: Violence against Women in Pornography


Adjunct Professor Walter DeKeseredy recently published Violence against Women in Pornography with co-author Marilyn Corsianos

Violence against Women in Pornography illuminates the ways in which adult pornography hurts many women, both on and off screen. A growing body of social scientific knowledge shows that it is strongly associated with various types of violence against women in intimate relationships. Many women who try to leave abusive and/or patriarchal men also report that pornography plays a role in the abuse inflicted on them by their ex-partners. On top of these harms, male pornography consumption is strongly correlated with attitudes supporting violence against women. Many researchers, practitioners, and policy makers believe that adult pornography is a major problem and offer substantial evidence supporting this claim.

See an interview with the authors here


  1. Lance Kelly

    Is there anyway to read this article, other than online, I live in a remote indigenous community which has limited internet access and want to know if I can see a hard copy of this?

  2. Molly Dragiewicz

    Unfortunately this is a new book and not available online. You would need to borrow the book from a library or buy the book in order to read it. There is a Kindle edition available electronically via Amazon.