In the News: Professor Kerry Carrington Discussing Women’s Offending & Incarceration Trends

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Professor Kerry Carrington from the Crime and Justice Research Centre at QUT has been featured in the media discussing women’s offending and incarceration trends. Professor Carrington explains how the increasing number of women in Australian prisons is being driven by factors such as their enhanced roles in drug networks and women being more commonly being targeted for lesser disorderly behaviours. 

Professor Carrington explains “For young women is particular, behaviour they used to do is now getting much more attention from the authorities, things like being loud, boisterous, fighting”.

“What’s really changed is that women have become much more active in drug networks and drug supply cultures. They’ve become couriers and messengers, they lease their apartments out. And some drugs of course enhance violent behaviour, such as ice.”

Prof Carrington said about 18 per cent of women were in jail for drug offences — the second highest classification of offences among women inmates, following violence-related offences at 33 per cent.

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Professor Carrington will be discussing these issues and more during her keynote presentation at the All About Women festival this weekend in Sydney. To find out more information, click here.



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