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In the News: PhD Candidate Ashleigh Larkin Discussing Her Research on Teenage Girl Violence


PhD candidate Ashleigh Larkin from QUT’s School of Justice, Faculty of Law, has just been featured in a media article discussing her research on violence between teenage girls.

She said girls were avoiding school grounds, where they could be easily identified, and instead choosing public places like local parks or shopping centres where onlookers could gather to watch them brawl anonymously.

“There’s definite potential for serious injury in that they sort of have the expectation that they need to fight in a very brutal sort of manner,” she said.

Ms Larkin said she was speaking to girls who fight in a bid to find ways to intervene.

“The young women I’ve spoken to are in the 14 to 17 age group,” she said.

“They tend to fight generally because they’re having a personal issue with the other young women who are involved, whether they just don’t like them or they’ve had a fight over a boy.”

To read the full article, click here.

To view the ABC News footage, click here.

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