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New Publication by CJRC Adjunct Professor Liqun Cao!


Adjunct Professor Liqun Cao from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada has recently co-authored an article published in the journal International Sociology

Title: “Do in-group and out-group forms of trust matter in predicting confidence in the order institutions? A study of three culturally distinct countries.”

Abstract: This study brings trust into the study of confidence in the police and in the courts – two order institutions – and tests the utility of a statistical model developed in the West in two other culturally distinct countries (Taiwan and Turkey). The conceptual model is tested using structural equation modeling techniques. Results show that the data fit well with theory-based predictions for the US and Turkey. In-group trust is found to be associated with confidence in all three societies. Those who score high in in-group trust and those who believe in democracy have higher confidence in the order institutions. The findings cast doubt on the tendency to laud the positive effects of out-group trust while neglecting the study of in-group trust. The same model, however, does not fit well with data from Taiwan – a Confucian society. The implication of these results is discussed within the limitations of the study.

To access the full article, click here. 

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