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QUT’s Kerry Carrington Visits Women Only Police Stations in Argentina

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Professor Kerry Carrington has recently returned from visiting women only police stations in Argentina where she was granted permission to begin a world-first study after a recent visit to the country’s unique stations. Professor Carrington plans to conduct this research in collaboration with the Ministry of Security, Women Only Police Stations (Comisarias de la Mujer) and colleagues from the University of Buenos Aires and University of Litoral.

After a meeting with Director General and the Program Co-ordinator of Women only Police Stations in the province of Buenos Aries, Professor Carrington was given a guided tour of the stations in Argentina. There are 95 in the province of Buenos Aries alone.

An ABC Reporter interviewed Professor Carrington a couple of days after her return to Australia on her impression of effectiveness of Women only Police Stations to combat domestic violence. The interview can be heard here.

The ABC News story can be accessed here.


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