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Recently published-Key Concepts in Crime and Society

book cover Scott 2015

QUT Professor John Scott and Adjunct Professor Joe Donnermeyer co-authored Key Concepts in Crime and Society with Ross Coomber and Karen McElrath. The book offers an authoritative introduction to key issues in the area of crime as it connects to society. It includes:

  • Understanding Crime and Criminality: introduces topics such as the social construction of crime and deviance, social control, the fear of crime, poverty and exclusion, white collar crime, victims of crime, race/gender and crime.
  • Types of Crime and Criminality: explores examples including human trafficking, sex work, drug crime, environmental crime, cyber crime, war crime, terrorism, and interpersonal violence.
  • Responses to Crime: looks at areas such as crime and the media, policing, moral panics, deterrence, prisons and rehabilitation.

The book provides an up-to-date, critical understanding on a wide range of crime related topics covering the major concepts students are likely to encounter within the fields of sociology, criminology and across the social science.

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