Croatia 101

While Croatia is known for its beautiful stretching coastline that attracts millions of tourists every year, the real gem of the country is the humble capital of Zagreb. Unlike almost any other European capital, Zagreb is unique in the way that many tourists opt to skip the city…

Travelling in Europe

A year in Brum

How good does 101 cities, 31 countries, and one degree, in one year sound? That is what I managed to experience from my overseas exchange as part of the BS08 program. I was part of the first group to study a new degree, Bachelor of Business – International, which…

Double the fun

Imagine going on exchange … and sharing the adventure with your twin or sibling! Next semester, twins Annabella and Gabriella, and brothers Jordan and Andrew are heading off to the UK for a semester abroad. They’ll be sharing some of their stories from their travel on our blog.…

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