About Angus

I am in my third year of a Bachelor of Business (majoring in PR) as part of the Dean's Honours Program.

State Of Origin banter at Edelman Hong Kong

“Go the Blues” is not the greeting a room full of Queenslanders expect to hear in Hong Kong on the day before the State of Origin decider. But General Manager of Edelman Hong Kong (HK) Andrew Kirk (Kirky) is a committed Blues supporter and keen to let us know. At our second last industry visit for the study tour, Kirky, originally from the New South Wales mid coast, managed to keep a room of Maroons supporters captivated for more than two hours with his energy, insight and passion for the public relations industry and as part of the leadership team in Asia for Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm with more than 5,500 employees in 65 cities.


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“What’s your cheapest drink?”

The one Chinese phrase you need to learn:  “Shénme shì nǐ zuì piányí de yǐnliào?”

We came expecting knock-off watches, cheap tailored suits and street food that would only cost a couple of dollars. Unfortunately, with a booming economy and a weakening Aussie dollar, Hong Kong was not the budget paradise we anticipated. The concern of “higher than expected prices” quickly spread to an area much more important to uni students—nightlife. Being the generous people that we are, we volunteered to test out the Hong Kong scene in an attempt to map out a cost efficient night that still capitalised on all that this chaotic city has to offer.

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