2020 QUT x Salesforce x Datarati Graduate Program: How far can one opportunity take me?

It was a late Thursday night – my body heavy, tired and eager to rest after a long day’s work. As routine suggests, I quickly checked my emails before prepping for my lazy wind-down before-bed ritual. I found an email from QUT Business school sitting in my inbox, mentioning applications opening for a Salesforce x Datarati bootcamp. After quickly googling these two organisations, I immediately knew I wanted in.

I was one of 30 very fortunate students to participate in the recent QUT Business School x Salesforce x Datarati 2020 Digital Marketing Bootcamp, the first virtual bootcamp of its kind. I was thrilled when I found out I was selected – just as thrilled as when I finished the bootcamp and knew that I had found something worth investigating further, a test to see just how far this opportunity could take me.

Well… Tell Me More About It?

I remember entering the bootcamp not 100% sure on exactly what I was getting myself into, but I knew that whatever was on the other side of this screen was going to give me some kind of value, I mean how could it not? Two massively successful companies in the digital marketing space, I knew I was in good hands.

And I was right.

If you’re anything like me, still trying to find your feet and unsure about which area of business or marketing you might want to pursue, then I cannot recommend this opportunity enough. The bootcamp was prefaced by how supply and demand for skilled marketing automation experts is still unbalanced – meaning there’s currently ripe opportunity for intelligent marketers who can become proficient in the Salesforce ecosystem – being the world’s #1 CRM software.

The Anatomy of the World’s First Virtual Salesforce Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The first week of the bootcamp got our feet wet with Salesforce Email Marketing Cloud which allows marketers to create and implement entire marketing campaigns across multiple digital touchpoints, including personalised and targeted customer journeys (a requirement for effective modern-day marketing). As an aspiring marketer, I was blown away by the comprehensiveness and seemingly limitless possibilities of being able to reach customers on such a targeted and personalized level.

The second week of the bootcamp extrapolated and complimented on what we had just learned in the first week and converged our attention to the consulting aspect of a Salesforce-partnered marketeer. Learning the software is one thing – but being able to consult with companies and communicate what value it can add to their business, well that’s another. Our Datarati consultant, Rich provided us with an inside look into how he and his team consult with businesses and implement automated and targeted customer journeys to improve customer experience for some of Australia’s largest organisations among the likes of Volkswagen, Virgin, NAB, Optus and many more!

The Verdict

If you’re a marketing student who’s not entirely sure on which area interests you the most, or if you’re just someone who loves to capitalise on opportunities, then I cannot recommend the QUT x Salesforce x Datarati Graduate Program enough. You’ll get tonnes of value from the program, not to mention the career-contacts and amazing peers you’ll meet along the way! You can check out Salesforce and their Marketing Cloud services here https://www.salesforce.com/au/

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Science (Biology)

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