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Five reasons why you should join a student club (AKA AMPed)!

Being a uni student is unlike anything you have or will ever get to experience. It has some serious perks. You get to meet new people, find your passion and start getting your career on track. But by the end of my first semester at QUT, this wasn’t fully stacking up for me yet. I had made a few good uni friends, but it was hard to make connections during those 5-minute lecture breaks. I liked most of my units, but I was only doing first-year introductory subjects. So, I was eager to start putting faces to names in the industry and exploring possible career paths. And then I found the answer. A gateway to the industry. A space to connect with like-minded students. A student club that shared my passion for all things marketing, advertising and PR. And the answer was AMPed.

I’m now a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/Bachelor of Communications (Digital Media), who has been a member of AMPed, as well as QUT Women in Business, for almost two  years now. I can safely say joining these student clubs has been one of the best decisions I’ve made since being at uni.

Here are five reasons why you should join a student club, specifically AMPed (not biased at all), and attend their incredible events!

1. Make awesome uni friends

Despite sharing the campus with thousands of other students, uni can sometimes be a lonely place. Particularly for first years, international students or mature aged students who haven’t yet found their tribe. Joining a student club allows you to meet and spend quality time getting to know like-minded peers who are often studying the same degree or major as you!


2. Build your confidence

I walked into my first networking event a nervous, clueless, first year student with no industry connections and walked out with more confidence, independence and self-belief that this whole networking thing was a piece of cake. In all seriousness, putting yourself out there, especially in a room full of industry professionals, can be daunting. However, at these networking events your student club has got your back with fun activities like BINGO and question prompts to get conversations flowing and help make introducing yourself to strangers a lot easier.


3. Meet your future employers

At the recent AMPed XLR8 networking event, over 60 industry professionals came along to connect with QUT students. WOW! That’s over 60 opportunities to gain first-hand industry insights and make meaningful connections. I have felt personally victimised by the phrase “it’s who you know not what you know,” as I am one of the first in my family to go to uni. AMPed has given me access to industry professionals that I never would have had before!


4. Learn life skills you won’t learn in the classroom

Student club networking events allow you to improve your soft skills, like communication and people skills. It also teaches you how to dress to impress (whip out those blouses and slacks) and other important professional etiquette insights you won’t learn in the classroom.


5. Amazing events at trendy venues + awesome speakers + yummy food and drink

AMPed’s XLR8 networking event was hosted at WeWork, a creative and flexible office space on Edward Street that was an awesome space to meet new faces. Over 130 students and industry professionals were inspired by keynote speaker, Director of Startups at BDO Australia, Marc Orchard’s down-to-earth advice to ‘be a good human’ and ‘give; don’t network.’ If all this still hasn’t convinced you to join, then surely cheese platters and wine will!

Whether you’re a first-year or in your final year, it’s time to go for it and start making the most of your university experience. Don’t let your years at QUT go by without getting involved and joining a student club. It’s honestly one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your career!

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Communication (Digital Media)

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