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2019 BiiG Conference

In a constantly changing digital economy, how can we ensure the sustainable digital transformation of organisations. How can we see what’s around the next corner of technology? And how can we build resilience, respond to threats, and capitalise on opportunities? These are just some of the interesting concepts presented to us at the 2019 BiiG Network Conference. As a QUT student and public servant working within IT, it was a great opportunity for me to engage with some of the brightest innovators and government leaders within the technology realm.

I applied for this opportunity as I recently began my first career within the public sector, and all too often, innovation is experienced as a fringe activity. I wanted to see how I could bring experimental problem solving and innovation to my work-group culture. I also wanted to dive into the new and interesting technologies of the 21st century fiddling firsthand with EEG brain wave technologies and Virtual-Reality learning. I was especially impressed with the FutureCrunch presentation who took us all on a ride through machine learning, artificial intelligence, gene-editing plus much more! This may have sparked my interest and possible future career development in smart-computing and data science, which I see as a huge positive.

For those thinking, ‘how can I get involved’. I found the BiiG sponsorship within the weekly QUT Business School email, which details many of the extra-circular opportunities offered by QUT and for me is a must read. I have partaken in many other great experiences after finding them on the weekly newsletter such as international sponsorship’s, case competitions and volunteering, which are a great way to develop your skills outside of university study and make you stand out.

Bachelor of Business (Economics)

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