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This semester, as part of MGB372 Creating Value through People, my class had the opportunity to work with one of two clients; Translink or Stanwell Energy. Each firm identified a prominent Human Resources issue facing their organisation. I decided to work with Translink as I found their chosen issue to be very interesting and relevant to the real world of modern Human Resources. The agency is currently undertaking major changes to their operating systems in an effort to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and is looking to revise its workforce in order to accommodate this.

We spoke with Davina Jones, the Principal Advisor for Business Improvement from Translink, who briefed us about their issue in detail and the assistance they were seeking from us. We again met a few weeks later for a Q & A session, where we asked more detailed questions to understand the core of the issue.

Together with my group, we researched theoretical solutions to the issue as well as what other similar organisations are doing to successfully modernise their workforces, pairing theory with real-world practices. After this process, we devised a solution that involved redesign current jobs to be more flexible and tailored to company needs. To support this change, we also suggested incorporating learning and development, emphasising current opportunities as well as providing additional upskilling training. This would not only benefit employees providing them with a greater skill set to use in the future, but also equip Translink with a greater skilled workforce that will be able to be more mobile and take on more roles when required. Our solution also is underpinned with Change Management practices, to ensure the change is successful and long-lasting.

As part of the unit we also received feedback directly from Translink about our initial proposal and were able to utilise this feedback in our final presentation to them, where we outlined our revised solution. We also were also able to have our questions continuously answered as part of the unit’s LinkedIn page, allowing us to receive timely responses directly from the client.

The Human Resources capstone unit has been the perfect way to transition us into the real world, working with real-world clients and facing issues we will deal with as HR professionals after graduation.


Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management, Entertainment)

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