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I began my Graduate Certificate in Business Marketing this semester at QUT. My undergraduate was in the Creative Industries over eight years ago, and looking back at my first university experience I felt as if I didn’t take advantage of all that QUT had to offer. I realised that I couldn’t do the same this time around, so when I heard about the Business Advantage program from the amazing Jess Kelly in one of the events in orientation week, I knew that I had to jump at this opportunity. This program was a chance for me to gain confidence and much-needed know-how in the business world as I stepped into this new chapter of my life.

Jess and the team at Business Advantage hunted down real-world professionals to teach us hands-on practical techniques. These workshops were valuable experiences that equipped me with the knowledge that I will take with me through my studies, through my career and through my life. Over the first three weeks of university, I attended 10 Business Advantage workshops.

In Professional Communication and Networking for Career Development, Amy Jackson spoke to us about actively listening and engaging in a conversation as well as how to present yourself as confident even when you may not be feeling it, and let’s not forget about the all-important ‘Power Pose’.

Jordan Reutas presented The Psychology of Self-Management, Building Business Grit and Conquering Conflict in Business. He spoke about self-reflection and awareness, how to ensure that your words and listening style can affect those around you in a positive way, how to manage your time successfully and how to approach those difficult conversations.

Every Business Advantage workshop had something of value to offer, from the content itself, to being able to apply the skills we’ve just been taught in a safe environment. I would even find myself sharing what I had learnt with others, a sure sign that I had become a Business Advantage addict! If you want to get a boost in your studies and career, then do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on attending any future Business Advantage workshops.


The Business Advantage program for Semester 1, 2020 is now live. Register for a free Business Advantage workshop now!

Graduate Certificate in Business (Marketing)

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