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Have you been making the most of your university experience?

I am currently a second-year student and I can certainly say I did not make the most of my first year. Sure I joined some clubs, went to some events and spoke to people but that was it. During, my first year, I was afraid to go to events and workshops by myself, so I didn’t.

I decided I needed to do more and get involved at uni. Attending the Business Advantage workshops is one of the greatest decisions I have made so far. I wish I had gone to Business Advantage workshops earlier. I first attended Amy Jackson‘s workshop called Networking for Career Development. I know it sounds a little bit daunting, but trust me you will learn so much that you will keep coming back. The key take-away I learnt from this workshop is that networking is about building relationships and trust. Just like a plant, relationships take time to grow and nurture.

Over the four weeks, I attended multiple Business Advantage workshops. I can definitely say that Zarife Hardy’s Business Etiquette workshop was my favourite and I would highly recommend it. Zarife’s ability to capture everyone’s attention using her voice still amazes me. I learnt so many practical tips and I realised that small details can speak volumes about you. This includes things you don’t even think about such as your voice, posture, body language and even your handshake. The skills I learnt prepared me for the Careers Fair and gave me the confidence to speak to industry representatives.

Not only did I learn and develop my professional skills, but I also made so many friends! I was lucky enough to make friends who are driven and motivated. Everyone I met at the workshop was friendly and supportive. I was able to socialise with students from a range of different backgrounds. I learnt about their journey and their future ambitions which was inspiring. Not only this, but I became good friends with Jess Kelly who is the coordinator of the Business Advantage workshops. Jess is super friendly and is very passionate about developing everyone’s skills. If you’re ever seeking any advice or support, Jess is an amazing and understanding person to talk to! Finally, if you think things couldn’t be any better, I won a $25 UberEats voucher which I spent on some delicious Nandos.

So, I am telling you now that if you aren’t going to these workshops you will definitely kick yourself in the future. Sign up and go while you can! Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make.


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