Business Advantage workshops – A great opportunity for self-improvement

I have just started my Master degree in Information Technology at QUT. As an international student who has just come to a new country, there are a number of things I need to adapt such as the culture, communication and skills in order to settle down well. As an active person who always hungers for self-development, I registered for some Business Advantage workshops carried out by QUT Business School to get used to the Australian environment.

After having attended some workshops, I feel that those workshops are extremely useful and well-prepared. That is the reason why I keep on attending more and more Business Advantage workshops. These are hands-on workshops which create a good environment for participants to interact with each other. The more we practice, the better we become. I must say that attending Business Advantage workshops has been an awesome stepping stone for me to start my semester at QUT.

Besides my academic hours, attending these workshops gives me joy and valuable takeaways. My biggest takeaways from the workshops are:

1. Confidence

I attended the workshop “A Brand Called YOU”  run by Jessica O’Neill, who is the Senior Consultant in Human Resources. During the workshop, I had the time to reflect and define my self-values, personal brand as well as how to communicate my brand effectively to others. A successful brand must be genuine and consistent; it tells a story and creates a positive impact. Understanding yourself is the key point leading to confidence.

2. Skill development

Most of the Business Advantage workshops are designed to develop a specific skill set. For example, Professional Communication and Networking for Career Development workshops run by Amy Jackson aim to develop communication skills. Amy Jackson is an expert at communication who is always full of positivity and energy. Once she comes into the workshop, the atmosphere in the room becomes so joyful. You may think that communication is easy, as it is what happens every moment in our life. It is true- but when it comes to professional communication, the skill must be practiced over time in order to make it perfect. These hands-on workshops have helped me not only in daily communication but also in the business professional context.

Business Advantage – Professional Communication workshop with Amy Jackson

One of the Business Advantage workshops that I really like is Business Etiquette. In this workshop, we had a chance to be guided by Ms. Zarife Hardy (Director of the Australian School of Etiquette) with useful tips and skills about business etiquette. These include positive posture, body language, vocal practice, impression management and communication etiquette at work or networking events. What I enjoy the most is the dining etiquette – which is extremely helpful when I come to networking parties.

In the workshops, in addition to learning and sharing, we also have an environment to practice the skills with other people. Recently, I attended the Corporate Innovation workshop in which we formed a group and applied our design thinking skills to come up with innovative solutions for RedEye company’s business case. As I am a person who is fond of ideation to solve problems, I was very excited to attend this workshop, as we had a real case to solve. And I must say that we had a great time working in a group and delivering a good solution presentation.

3. Network

Having attended Business Advantage workshops, I have had an opportunity to connect with a lot of people from different backgrounds. There are experienced industry experts who guide the workshops and QUT students coming from different faculties and majors. We learn from each other and give feedback to make ourselves better. I also have new friends who share the same interest with me in leadership, self-improvement and knowledge enhancement after every workshop.

I would like to express my appreciation to QUT Business School for hosting these meaningful workshops. Although I am studying a Master Degree at the Science and Engineering Faculty, I believe that these workshops held by QUT Business School give me a chance to practice skills which are necessary for my career, besides my expertise.

How can you find a better opportunity to improve yourself and expand the network like this? Come to Business Advantage workshops and experience. Who knows – maybe you will become a Business Advantage addict like me!

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