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The BAA Trivia Night: What’s it like and should I go?

Earlier this month, as part of my mentorship programme with the Brisbane Advertising Association (BAA), I was invited to help out with their sixth annual trivia night. The trivia night hosted 64 teams at the Brisbane Powerhouse that comprised of marketing and advertising agencies in the Brisbane industry.


This year, the BAA chose to support Endo Awareness Brisbane, which is founded by an Old Girl from my alma mater – Madeleine Gleed. The donations were given to Endometriosis Australia and are being used to help provide more education programs and more funding into research surrounding this disease. The total donations raised were $3,000 – an incredible effort that came out of a fun, yet competitive, night.

It was a wonderful and rewarding night where I was able to engage with hundreds of industry members whilst raising money for Endometriosis Australia. My roles throughout the night included the initial set-up (organising the table items, marking sheets, prizes, and entrance wristbands), selling raffle tickets to the participants, and marking the answer sheets each round.

Selling the raffle tickets to current industry members was certainly an interesting experience. It pushed me out of my comfort as I was not only required to sell, but I was selling to people that are in the industry that I aspire to be in shortly. After the initial nerves, however, it was a great experience – all the industry members were really friendly and happy to support Endo Awareness Brisbane. Additionally, the drive of selling for charity was certainly a big factor that helped push for sales.

The highest intensity part of the night was certainly the answer sheet marking (with 300 answer sheets marked, in total). Each round, all 64 answer sheets were collected by us within a few minutes and then brought into the back-room for marking. As soon as they were delivered, we were under-the-pump to ensure they were all marked before the next round was brought in. the high intensities of the night came with rewards though, through food, drinks, and many laughs and networking.

The overall winner of the night was, in fact, the Brisbane Powerhouse team. They were incredible and got a lot of 100% rounds. Whilst there was only one winner, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, with two whole cheese platters devoured and plenty of drinks to go around.

(We even had the privilege of having a special guest, Brisbane-girl Sarah Harris from Studio 10, host two rounds of questions and offer photo opportunities at the start of the night.)

I would highly recommend getting involved with BAA if you’re in (or looking to be in) the Advertising, Marketing, and/or Public Relations industry. It was a wonderful experience to see what the industry players are like first-hand whilst

And as BAA say, “Barry [the association’s sheep mascot] is signing off for another event…”

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