NABbed It!

I initially came across the NAB Financial Planning University Scholarship Program 2019 in my university email. I was intrigued by the potential to align myself with an advisor of an extremely well-known brand within the financial sector, and possibly gain a foot in the door. I love to ask questions and have participated in prior mentorship programs within QUT so this was yet another platform to gain personalised insight into the industry whereby I wish to have my career. Nearing the end of my degree, with only a year and a half left, the professional development day would also be a reputable addition to my resume and set me apart from the crowd of graduate financial advisors. Of course, as an entirely independent university student, the $5000 would not go astray either! Real talk though, I just began work at a wealth management firm and I aspire to save enough to invest a good amount of money and develop a passive form of income, once I become confident in my knowledge of the stock exchange; this brings me that much closer to achieving this.

To apply I had to fit the eligibility criteria and submit a written response to two questions in 500 words or less:

  • Why do you want to be a financial planner?
  • How would this scholarship help you achieve this goal?

After drafting my response, I took full advantage of the personalised editorial feedback offered by Marie Bampton (Acting Scholarships, Prizes and WIL Coordinator), and arranged a time to meet up. I believe this helped tremendously in helping my piece to come together coherently and stand out. Then to submit and eagerly await the result. I was notified as I progressed through the stages, then after an exciting phone call, some months later, I was astonishingly one of the ten recipients nationwide! I look forward to gaining even more ‘real-world’ experience and expanding my connections!

Bachelor of Business (Financial Planning)

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