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From British tea to Italian gelato: the very best of exchange

If you love travelling, meeting new people and trying different cuisines every other week (like me), then you’d be crazy not to look at the Bachelor of Business – International degree.

In mid-August 2018 I left Brisbane and flew over 16,500km away from home and everything I knew – it was one of the most daunting experiences in my life. After first arriving at Aston University in England, I was both super excited and dreading the pressures of living abroad. I had moved into student accommodation just off campus with two other Australian girls and looking back I can’t imagine my time would be the same without them. My housemates and I were lucky to do a European trip during our exchange; we spent New Year’s 2018 at an Edinburgh Street Party, walked through the picturesque streets of Rome, went on the Warner Bros studio tour in England where we got to drink Butterbeer and experience the wizarding world of Harry Potter. My favourite memory of all was venturing up to the top of Europe (Eungfraujoch) in Switzerland where we walked around in jeans and hoodies with it snowing and -1 degree weather.

On the hunt through the streets of Rome for Della Palma where there are 150 gelato flavours


Warner Bros Studio Tour Platform 9 1/4


Top of Europe- Eungfraujoch with Jess (Middle) and Sarah (Right)

Although travelling has been a large part of my exchange, my university work was still ongoing; I went to classes, completed assessments, group projects and even exams. Another QUT student, Jeremy, and I were also very fortunate to get the opportunity to meet the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom the Honourable Mr George Brandis. During a very British morning tea, with scones and some cake we got onto discussing how amazing exchange has been and the differences in student life at QUT and Aston.

Tea with the Honourable Mr George Brandis

Student life at Aston has been truly amazing. While my flatmates joined the Dance society, I decided to join the Aston University Girls Rugby team and Aston’s Aerial Yoga Society which was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The rugby team is full of diversity with girls from all over England and some from Brazil, Spain, Latvia and Poland who I could only wish I would play alongside forever.

Women’s Rugby Dinner and Dance

My 3 recommendations/advice for anyone who is looking at exchange;

  1. Try all the food you can especially European food, there are so many amazing selections that I could only wish I could take home with me.
  2. In Freshers week (‘O’ week), say YES. Join clubs or societies that sparks your interest, there are so many to join.
  3. Live in the moment but remember to take some pictures and videos!

If you have any questions on exchange feel free to email me!


Bachelor of Business - International (Management)

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