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Connecting students to make a powerfully positive impact on the world

2019 is an exciting year for QUT and its students!

We have officially introduced a branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest university-based consultancy, to QUT. All over the world, branches of 180 Degree Consulting are providing socially-conscious organisations with very high quality, extremely affordable consulting services, in order to develop innovative, practical and sustainable solutions to business challenges. 180 Degrees Consulting is a unique opportunity for the leaders of local social impact organisations to connect and collaborate with current, high-achieving QUT students. Through the 180 Degrees Consulting Branch, QUT students are given the opportunity to develop their consulting skills, gain invaluable industry experience, and most importantly, create a positive social impact within the community.

Students involved in the new branch will be given valuable opportunities to both create a social impact and develop valuable work experience and connections. All students are invited to participate in workshops conducted by management consultancy firms to equip them with the skills to participate in real projects for clients trying to enhance their social impact within society. There are many upcoming opportunities for students to become involved in the QUT 180 Degrees Consulting Branch through our networking, training and social events. Details of these events will be shared on the official 180 Degrees Consulting Facebook page.

For Semester 1 of 2019, QUT’s 180 Degrees Consulting Branch has been able to secure two consultancy projects with local organisations that are enthusiastic for our input.  Two capable project leaders have been selected to support a team of five student consultants to work collaboratively to make a positive impact on the community.

If you’re interested in connecting with high-achieving students to make a positive difference locally, then register your interest in attending the first 180 Degrees Consulting training event. The event will be hosted by UQ’s branch and will be held this Thursday (7th March) starting at 6pm. More details can be found on the 180 Degrees Consulting Facebook page.

On behalf of the 180 Degrees Consulting Executive Team, we are eagerly looking forward to connecting with many students from any faculty to make a powerfully positive impact on the community.

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