January 2019


Student Club: QUT Women in Business

As O-Week draws closer … I think back to myself as a naive first year who signed up to literally any club that offered freebies, ultimately ending up as a member in an inordinate amount of societies. But none have shaped my university experience quite like QUT Women…

HR Connect

HR Connect: The new kids on the block

Our story begins in January of 2018 … 7 people (all of which were complete strangers to each other); 0 members; and 0 funds… one may believe this not to be the most encouraging foundation. However, behind those 7 individuals was determination, enthusiasm and passion to achieve a…

QUT Consulting Society

The QUT Consulting Society (QUTCS) was recently founded in response to an observed knowledge gap between students and consulting careers. 2019 is our first year in operation and we can’t wait to hit the ground running!

QUT Economics & Finance Society

Entering its 11th year, the Economics and Finance Society (EFS) is ready for another year jam-packed with everything from premier networking and professional development opportunities to the best socials on campus. Boasting over 750 active members, we are one of the largest student societies and have the events…

AMPlify your uni life!

In 2018 (after MANY years of searching the stalls at O Week and Market Day) I finally made the plunge and joined a uni society. In just a year of being an AMPed member, I’ve had the opportunity to make some amazing friends and work with a group…

The United Nations from the inside: Part 1

First things first, it is said that a solid introduction of yourself is also the foundation of your communication, so here is my “10 sec-elevator” pitch: Robin Andersson, a 24-year-old guy, international student (born in Sweden) who just graduated from QUT Business School with a double Master’s degree…

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