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IAQ Infrastructure Summit Innovation Challenge – The real world experience

Two weeks ago, myself and other three QUT students, along with Associate Professor Shane Mathews from QUT were given the opportunity to participate in the innovation challenge of IAQ Infrastructure Summit.

Each of us was allocated to a team and worked with some of the best from infrastructure, business consulting, engineering, start-ups and government to provide innovative solutions to address one of future Queensland’s core infrastructure challenges, as part of Queensland Infrastructure Summit.

Our infrastructure challenge was “how do we better manage the growth of shared mobility incentivising better customer and network outcomes?”

Here is a video of it 😀

Our team landed on a very specific issue – school zone congestion. We delivered a solution by:

  • activating school zone parks as transport hubs for parents and their children;
  • adopting Internet of Things as safety checkpoints for vulnerable groups around school areas to encourage walking;
  • providing unique MaaS transfer service for parents from school to work to decrease the use of private cars on the road;
  • creating a family oriented health point program to incentivise walking, cycling and using public transport.

Our big idea came second after five diverse teams quickly ideated, validated and presented video solutions to the other audience in the summit.

In all, being able to attend IAQ summit was a fantastic opportunity. The real world experience provided us with invaluable professional development opportunities. I had the chance to meet incredibly talented people from different industries. I was able to hear and present ideas for future infrastructure planning and learnt so much about smarter city and community planning for the future.

Having the ability to attend the Summit is just another example of the many and numerous opportunities that QUT gives all of its students. I couldn’t encourage people more strongly to get out there and make the most of the opportunities that QUT gives to all of us.


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