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What I learned from a month with the world’s best: An internship with Clemenger BBDO

There are very few awards that Clemenger BBDO did not win last year. 2017 marked an incredible year for the agency as it dominated on the world stage. The agency won countless awards for their masterpiece “Meet Graham”, making it the most creatively awarded campaign of 2017 whilst also being awarded the 2017 Cannes Lions Agency of the year. So when I was offered the opportunity to apply for an internship at the agency’s Brisbane office, I knew it was an opportunity I could not miss.

Applying for a position like this is highly competitive at the best of times and at the very first hurdle, we were forced to challenge ourselves and our creativity. The application process was so much more ‘real world’ than what we have come to usually expect. No resume or cover letter was required. We were presented with a short questionnaire and our first task. The task required us to solve the highly contentious problem: “How do we get young drivers to stop texting whilst driving”. For me, this was my first opportunity to impress and stand out… so I went all in. I spent a week refining my concept before submitting. Then the wait began. I was shortlisted for an interview where I was able to secure the Internship with Clemenger BBDO Brisbane.

My time as Clemenger was spent diversely. I was able to contribute within departments all throughout the agency, surrounding myself with unique people with a talent for their craft. To be able to go behind the scenes and experience how a campaign is conceptualised and produced has opened my mind to my future employment opportunities. Advertising is a complex and diverse landscape with twists, turns, and problems waiting to be solved at every corner. The opportunities are endless and it was my goal to sponge as much knowledge as possible from the amazing minds of Clemenger BBDO Brisbane.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned was to push an idea as far it can go before strategically manipulating it in order to create something truly compelling. At University, we hear so much about the art and science of advertising and it isn’t until you truly get the first-hand experience that you understand how important both are to the creative process. Without the ‘science’, an Idea lacks direction and consequently falls short of its potential. Without the ‘art’, the idea lacks the impact it requires in order to achieve its objective. Through my internship, I feel I have been able to deepen my understanding of both. I feel you can only learn so much inside the classroom. In order to truly enhance your knowledge, it requires first-hand, hands-on experience.

Throughout my internship, I felt well equipped for any task that was presented to me as a result of my time studying at QUT. The experience allowed me to understand how my knowledge could be applied in the real world. Different tasks required me to draw on my experiences in past assignments and classes and at every stage, I felt well prepared.

My internship with Clemenger BBDO has confirmed for me my passion to work in the world of advertising and marketing. I feel as motivated as ever to study and work even harder to make my dream a reality. After only a month, I felt at home amongst the staff and the office at Clemenger and I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have had this opportunity.

For those considering an internship with Clemenger or anyone else in the industry, I leave you with this… when an opportunity presents itself, go all in, because you won’t understand how much you will learn until you experience it.


Applications for Clemenger BBDO internship 2019 are open and close Monday 27 May, 8am. If you are eligible, you will be able to view the application on InPlace

Bachelor of Business (Marketing) / Bachelor of Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design)

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