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BAA Scholarship – Well worth applying!

This year I was incredibly honoured to be awarded the Brisbane Advertising Association Scholarship for Excellence in Advertising. I do admit, for a long time before applications closed, it was my Mum nagging me to put something together because even if I didn’t win, it was worth the shot. And I am so glad I listened to her!

The process can seem quite daunting, having to create a video of yourself critiquing an advertising campaign. I was bombarded at the time with assignments so I kept putting off the application. But when I really sat down and had a go, I quickly decided on the AHM Insurance TV ads to analyse, and whilst filming was slightly frustrating with me having many ‘stuff ups’, once it was all done I was fairly happy with the end product.

Along with an application letter and update of my resume, I submitted my work and waited. I then received an interview, for which I was really nervous. But all of the panel members were lovely people who made me feel at ease. The questions were nothing out of the ordinary, and a few days later I was told I had won the scholarship!

Based on my experience, the seemingly overwhelming and lengthy process is certainly worth the effort for the reward this scholarship has granted me. Even if you do not get to the interview stage, having created a video and practiced implementing advertising skills is a greatly useful experience and will likely come in handy for job recruitment processes, as many companies now like to see a more personal and creative presentation.

Since being awarded the scholarship, no doubt the prize money will be an immense help, but the mentoring program offered has already proved extremely beneficial for myself. I have spent time at a digital marketing agency, and will have similar mentoring and experience in various other companies in the marketing and advertising industry. This provides the invaluable opportunity to build my professional network, and will certainly guide me in my career choices after graduation.

I highly recommend applying for all advertising students, as winner or not, you will 100% get something out of it!


​Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) / Bachelor of Business (Advertising)

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