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At the Southbank parklands, hundreds of people held scores of lanterns, illuminating the night sky at MDA’s Luminous Lantern Parade last Friday night – and Enactus QUT was among them.

At its 11th annual parade, Enactus QUT was invited to walk among leading organisations at the Luminous Lantern Parade to highlight the strength of Queensland’s cultural diversity, heritage, people, places, and history, while giving all Queenslanders the opportunity to say ‘welcome’ to our newest Australians.

This was such a landmark opportunity for Enactus QUT, summarising the impact and involvement we have in our direct community. It was incredibly heartwarming to stumble upon refugees within the parade who we have had the pleasure of working with in our own project, UREdge.

UREdge is, to date, one of our two most successful projects. By partnering with MDA (Multicultural Development Australia), we are able to facilitate sustainable professional development workshops for refugees ready to enter the workforce.

It’s moments like these that highlight the importance of making your uni life meaningful and impactful to the wider community. And Enactus QUT, while I may be biased, definitely presents this platform.

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