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I was a #MyriadMate with backstage access

Gather around, gather around!

For the low price of four minutes of your life, I offer you backstage access to the hottest party in town. Yes, yes, you guessed right, Myriad. “How?” You may ask, good sir. Through my Myriad mate eyes. Now that I’ve lured you in with my miracle – insert product – pitch, let me start from the beginning and tell you how I became a #MyriadMate, and got into the position of nominating myself to write this blog.

Myriad High

Not so long ago, I heard about Myriad Festival; and it turned out that this time they were having their third edition in Brisbane. Now, I don’t know about you, but when I hear tech and innovation, I know I need to weasel my way into it. With a little help from Lady Luck and thanks to QUT’s partnership with #Myriad2018, I was in.

What was my role? – you may wonder. Funnily enough, even though I’m not a thoroughbred true blue Aussie, I was the local face of Bris-Vegas that was going to point in the right directions for my designated VIP keynote speaker. Thus, when I raised my hand and volunteered for the position, little did I know, that I would be beta testing a fin-tech app before the speakers even arrived from San Francisco. Even better yet though, little would I imagine that we would be still in contact after saying goodbye on a sad Friday night.

Since this blog isn’t a romantic tragedy, I’ll cut the melancholic writing here and tell you about my awesome keynote rock star, Karla Ballard Williams. Meet Karla, a tribal leader, empowered woman and a happy soul, which in my words means going back to basics and solving money. Yes, you read right, money. Trading time for time, skill for skill, smile for smile, while building a community. No cryptocurrency trickery involved. But that’s not my story to tell. And I’m sure that when she launches Ying Me in Australia you’ll be wondering how no one else thought about it before…


Now, business aside, when it’s your first time coming to Australia, standard procedure dictates that you must meet some koalas and kangaroos. So, after living in Brisbane for a bit more than a year, I went again to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. But this time, through an organised VIP tour. That meant having a car waiting for you, skipping all the lines, and getting access to the private area where kangaroos are free of swarming tourists (luckily I had a charged phone ready to snap selfies!)

Finally, and going back to the festival, Myriad had 100 speakers! Nasa, CIA, Google, Apple, Microsoft… You name it, they were there. And even if I wanted I wouldn’t be able to hear them all. However, I have lasting memories, awesome connections, and some worthy selfies. Plus, I also got to meet the coolest PhD ever! Nathalie Mezza-Garcia. And I’m not saying this because we share nationality, but because she is part of a team that’s building the first floating city in the world while decentralising its governance through seasteading. And after reading this, I’m expecting you do some extra reading too.

Because time is precious, and I did say that this was for only four minutes of your life, if you are going to learn anything from this blog it’s the following: read your emails to be in the know within QUT and not miss events like this. Bonus advice: make sure to know who Marvin Fox is 😉

‘Myriad, connecting the dot connectors’



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    Nice work Susie. That’s what creating and sustaining value is all about… making every selfie count! Love it!

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    Guilty I am part of the selfie generation, but it all comes down to sharing QUT’s awesomeness. Love your work Marv! keep enabling this spaces!

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