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Meet my pet shark …

Do you have a pet shark?


Because while I was doing the Tableau session that is part of the Business Advantage modules, I did. But let me backtrack for a moment, “just listen to me and I’ll tell you the story of how I became the fresh prince of a town called QUT”.


I should start by asking if you have heard about Tableau. If you have, congrats! You are already on top of your game and on the way to developing one of the skills that companies need the most in 2018. And if you don’t, fear no more, because the Business School has you covered.

This semester I participated in one of the QUT Business Advantage programs on offer, Tableau. it was an all hands on deck type of experience. And let me tell you, whoever said that goldfish have an attention span longer than the average human has not been in a Business Advantage module. Especially not in one where visualisation was key for learning and winning a competition. (Spoiler alert, have I told you that my team won? Not first place but the prize that mattered, the people’s choice award!)

But then, what’s Tableau you wonder? In simple terms, Tableau is a software that helps people see and understand data. You have questions, Tableau helps you answer them visually. Do you want a recap of Game of Thrones? Tableau public has a viz (interactive “pretty picture” infographic) about that. Are you curious about the Simpsons family tree? Guess what, there’s also a viz about this for some reason. But that’s not all, women in tech, food security, migration flow, women in politics, visualising global warming, harry potter spells. Do I need say more?


Additionally, I must add that Tableau is not just fun and games, it is a valuable tool for businesses and personal finances that can aid in managing money, accounting needs and the ever crushing student debts we all accumulate.

Finally, and to answer your burning question, yes there will be another season of Game of Thrones, and yes a Tableau session as well, Christmas has come early, children. You will need to invest an entire day to participate in the next banquet held by our very own Marvin Fox, and the Business Advantage session that accompanies it. All of this is free of charge and will teach you the skills you need to use Tableau in a fun, interactive, team environment. It also comes with a shiny certificate (looks like I graduated early!).  During this experience, you will be able to use your imagination in a business simulation environment to create your very own pets as well. So what are you waiting for? Check out their website!

Also, just to reiterate, I now have a people’s choice award-winning pet shark and a certificate. Can you say that you have the same “happily ever after” that I got?


Team with Frederic


Master of Business student (Marketing/International Business)

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