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Leap of faith

The feeling of a dream coming to reality is best explained when I got my visa for Australia to study at QUT. I was nervous and excited. New country, new culture, new beginnings, new friends, creating opportunities for myself; but it also meant getting out of my comfort zone, returning to studies after a good nine-year break – and not to forget self doubt!

When I first shared this news I was embraced with lots of advice and questions, concerns and beliefs. What will I eat? Is the culture friendly? How is studying different in Australia? Where to find part-time work? How to manage studies and work? Would it be difficult to cope up with studies pursuing masters this late in life? What would I do if I felt home-sick? Wouldn’t another country be a better choice where you know someone? How is student life in QUT or Australia? All this amplified my fear to take up a challenge and made me wonder: what are the things that I need to be prepared about? Chaos befriended anxiety and worry replaced faith. When everything seemed clouded the one thing that stood tall was my dream. The dream to nourish me with experiences. Experiences that will empower me to learn, shape and help me define who I am and my purpose in the bigger scheme of things. I started to feel a sense of empowerment and thus changing my life. Hope was my friend again.

I accepted the wave of uncertainty and packed my bags to a city I’d only met through the virtual medium. With the courage to establish my identity, I decided to set out. In time I realised the only thing that I needed in order to be prepared was trust. Trust in my abilities, trust in my achievements, trust in being true to myself. This time when I looked in the mirror, i found motivation smiling right back at me and I knew…

I was ready.


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    Great achievement…
    I am very happy for you. Your confidence and your thought process is at good level.
    Have a wonderful stay over there.
    Be safe, take care.

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      Haha! Thank you ! Coming from you means a lot to me! Thank you for helping me to find me 🙂 god bless you. My best to you too

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    Our trust in you as welll…well done babes…it was very nice ro read this….n sumwhere even i hve got motivated….by reading thank you ….all the very

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      Thank you so much for taking out the time to read this blog i appreciate it and thank you for making my day! Its kind of you to say that i motivated you!

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    Such an amazing write up. Loved it! Keep dreaming and keep turning them into reality!

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      Thank you so much 🙂 means a lot to me and yesss will stay focussed !!! Hope to see you soon

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    Amazing writing ujiwala success will come any time any age, but dream comes become successful u will be on top world so keep watching mirror smile everyday get self motivated enjoy moments…. All the very best my friend stay safe and enjoy the new place new ppl n new food

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