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An Aussie at Oktoberfest!

Whilst beer and more beer is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Oktoberfest, there’s a lot more to the event than meets the eye. On traveling to Munich this past weekend to experience the 184th Oktoberfest, here are some of the things I wish I’d known beforehand:

Is the outfit worth it?

YES! If you’re going into the beer tents, an outfit is a must! For girls, the traditional Oktoberfest outfit is the dirndl whilst for boys it is the Lederhosen. Whilst the outfits for both men and women can be a bit pricey, wearing a traditional German outfit was so much fun and definitely added to the whole experience!

The venue

Accessibility to Oktoberfest is very easy. Oktoberfest is held in an area about a five minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). No backpacks are allowed at Oktoberfest but lockers are available nearby to hold your belongings (and it’s free!).

What is at Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is held in a large area filled with rollercoasters, ferris wheels, food stalls, beer tents and souvenir shops. For the beer-lovers, there are a number of beer tents to choose from. For the foodies, you can enjoy currywurst, chocolate-covered strawberries and dumplings. For the thrill-seekers, Oktoberfest is rides-galore and for the shoppers, souvenir shops are dotted all over Oktoberfest (but beware, they can be more expensive at Oktoberfest!).

Probably the most important thing I discovered about Oktoberfest was that it truly is an event for everyone! Beer tents are filled with men and women, young and old. Both children and adults are on the rides and rollercoasters. The food is plentiful and delicious. Tourists and Germans alike are all here to celebrate!

Oktoberfest is a once in a lifetime experience that is not to be missed!




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