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First Impressions of Gothenburg

I have now been in Gothenburg, Sweden for one week. Whilst I still have so much more to explore in this amazing city, I have already learned some valuable features about Gothenburg and Swedish culture.

The most important thing first, Fika. For those of you who don’t know, Fika is taking a break from work/uni/life to enjoy coffee and a delicious treat. It’s probably my favourite thing about Sweden so far; who doesn’t need an excuse to escape and get fatter?! Seriously though, Fika is such a nice way of breaking up the monotony and chatting to different people. I’m definitely an advocate for having several Fika’s per day.

So you’ve enjoyed your Fika and now have to dispose of your rubbish. This leads me to the next biggest thing in Gothenburg: recycling. As someone who has always tried to be environmentally conscious and recycle, I honestly can say that Gothenburg takes it to a whole new level. Whilst Swedish people seem to recycle with such ease, it takes me about 15 minutes every day to separate my trash into the plastics, cardboards, compost, metals and general rubbish. If you’re ever questioning whether somebody is born and bred Swedish, just watch and see how fast they can recycle. I clearly am a tourist.

Another thing I do admire about the Swedes is their attitude towards the weather. No rain, no 15 degree temperatures and no icy wind will stop a Swedish person from wearing shorts. If it’s summer, then shorts are a must.

So there you have it folks – you can tell a true Swede by how fast they recycle, Fika is the smartest invention ever, and shorts are wearable all year round!



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