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As an international student doing the Master in Business with a major in Strategic Advertising at QUT, I can say that enrolling in the project unit has been one of the most enriching academic experiences I have had in Australia. One of several reasons I chose QUT was its promise to deliver highly relevant knowledge linked to industry level practices that students will face once finished their courses.

Having the opportunity to debate certain topics where academic knowledge can be strategically applied to real cases was highly rewarding in all aspects. In addition, being given the chance to actively participate in industry-level conversations with clients who are undoubtedly interested on providing guidance, support and insights through the solution of their marketing problem was one of the most motivating experiences and probably the reason why the project unit is so valuable to any Masters student.

AMN Project 406 was the perfect opportunity to have a first-hand experience of real marketing, advertising and business problem situations which afterwards translated into my first job offer in Australia.

Several clients presented their project proposals to the students; however, it was Bill Synnot and Andrew Schulz who had something a bit different that attracted my attention.

As an international student, one of reasons to come and carry on higher education studies in Australia was the desire to expand my vision and understanding about the world and its varied cultures. This is exactly what Bill and Andrew needed help with through the course of the semester.

The project offered us the opportunity to develop a complete marketing plan for an idea which aims to communicate important aspects of Australian history and provide its audience with the opportunity to form their own opinion about the Australian history.

“Goondeen: Understanding Australia” is the name we have given to this idea which, although will be brought to life as a book, is expected to become a movement that changes people’s perception towards several misconceptions within the Australian culture. We will reveal more very soon! Goondeen means “wise person” in Indigenous language, and we have given this name to this idea as it is believed to gather the essence of the past, present and future of Australia seen through the eyes of three very distinctive social entrepreneurs who have lived through the evolution of the country from different sides of the history.

The project required me to contemplate both local and international target markets which matched perfectly with my team and I. Eve Vickerson from Australia, Ting Ling from Taiwan and myself from Venezuela seemed to be the right mix to approach our project with the broad perspective it needed to become a successful proposal.

This project provided me with an opportunity to not only develop work related to the industry I am doing my Masters degree in, but also required a team effort to research further areas necessary to provide a fully comprehensive proposal that could cover all the potential concerns of the client. Overall, this has been an exciting and challenging experience that required me to go through the knowledge acquired during previous semesters at QUT.

Although our academic commitment was successfully met with excellent results, the idea that started as an assignment has become a real job offer and a professional journey that has significantly broadened my perspective of this business.

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