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My Channel Nine Application Experience

Scrolling idly through the Real World Placement website one January afternoon, I was not expecting to see many positions available. Given the time of year, this was understandable, but I searched in hope of an eye-catching opportunity. Thankfully, fortune was on my side when the position of Channel Nine Publicity Intern was being offered. It sent me into a state of sheer excitement. As a Public Relations student, the chance to gain experience in a large media organisation was an ambition of mine, so I was going to give this everything.

Within a minute, the file to my completely inadequate resume was opened. Being the holidays, I was satisfied enough to continue my rest so I sent it off that afternoon. Just kidding, it consumed my life for half a week as I sought to cater my past and at that stage, current experiences to match the requirements Channel Nine were after. Thankfully, they were somewhat aligned, which made ‘Operation Transform Resume into Something Respectable’ significantly easier.

Of course, there was a cover letter to create. More than that, it was a cover letter that had to stand out, as my past couple of attempts hardly conveyed someone that wanted the position. To summarise my Channel Nine cover letter, I used a story, some lame jokes and my best and most relevant experiences at other workplaces to demonstrate my competence and personality.

Tailoring an application to a position you desperately want is hard work, much harder than applying for positions you go for but feel ambivalent about. This being the most I’ve ever wanted an internship, I was focused and hell-bent on getting it right. I spoke and consulted with people familiar with the process who provided invaluable assistance to my application, and I am very thankful for their help.

I must say, having done two very enjoyable years of public relations, there is no way I would’ve had the confidence to apply unless I had a skillset sufficient to succeeding as a Publicity Intern. Thus, I’m grateful QUT’s PR course provides comprehensive and relevant subjects that equipped me for this opportunity.

After sending the application off and waiting for about a week, I received a call informing I had been short-listed and had an interview at Nine in a few days time. Heading up Mt Cootha, I was excited but calm, which helped me say the right things and ask informative questions during the interview.

It wasn’t over yet. After this, a practical task was required to demonstrate abilities in a work-like situation. As hard as I toiled on it, I am forever indebted to Dr Anne Lane, who drafted it and provided constructive feedback that made it a better piece of work. Thanks a bunch, Dr Lane!

While the wait to hear back from Channel Nine was longer than my nerves could stand, it made the phone call informing me I had the position all the more satisfying. Having recently completed the internship, I can say just how valuable such placements are to acquiring real-world skills that build upon what is taught in the degree.

Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)

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  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement David. Glad it all worked out so well for you. It’s a real tribute to your professionalism and dedication to your studies. Congratulations!

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